Sunday, August 13, 2006

Freaks and Geeks

More designs, we started out trying to flesh out the members of "Game Over," Vlad's troop of geek gaming snobs. They're all about death, destruction, first person shooters and overclocking the video cards on their latest monster rigs. Basically, the assholes of gaming culture. Not that there's anything wrong with FPS's, MMORPG's, strat games and computer gaming in general... it's just that in my experience, a lot of these dudes need to get laid and end up venting their frustrations in very negative ways when it comes to videogames.
Vlad and possible main antagonists that make up "Game Over."

Height comparison, needs work... blah.

The "Cowboy." There's always one at any LAN party.Line ups of random geeky guys. All of these designs are based off of people I knew or seen somewhere in life. I travel in extremely glamorous circles...

Today we'll be working on girls and other Cliques. "Cool Kids" n such.

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