Saturday, August 12, 2006

Character Development

Allright, we jammed at the cafe and busted out some "rough" final versions of pretty much all characters for the short, even some that aren't gonna be in it but are meant to be regulars in the actual series pitch... Our idea for the show has already been floating around for over a year and there were quite a few designs create before these. Maybe later we'll post the old designs... maybe.Ah, Zoey. Alex's hopelessly unatainable crush. This cute asian hipster is the main distraction for Alex and the main source of irritation for Becky.
Yasuhiro, a wealth of knowledge when it comes to import games and all the latest news in gaming technology. Can be arrogant at times, but never let's his friends down.
Walter, Leader of the group, "Press Start." Considered one of the best gamers in town. I think his family's from South America, Maybe Panama or something.
Vlad, (Real name Sasha). The 2 foot tall dictator of "Press Start's" rival group, "Game Over." Another one of the better gamers in town, however he's feeling the pressure now that Alex is in town. He obsesses over being the 'king of the arcade.'

Rough sketches for developing Vlad. Some of these will be used as miscellaneous "Game Over" members. They're basically a black t-shirt wearing group of angry nerds. yum...
Haha, I love this kid. He tells the "Legends" of gamer lore. "Through the patheges of thime!"

Highscore. Secret Character. Don't wanna say too much about him yet.
Craig, based off of various people in Robert's life, but mostly based off our mutual hero, Craig McKracken.
Becky. Tom Boy, gamer girl, secretly wishes Alex didn't spend so much time obsessing over Zoey and would spend more time playing "Super Smash Bros." with her...
WEEE! Another fav of ours, Board Game Kid. This kid loves games WAY too much. what a douchebag. I love this guy.

More Board Game Kid development sketches.
And here's Alex in his current state. We ditched the dog collar. I liked it but I guess Rob wasn't feeling it. Oh Well...

We'll all of these are pretty close to final designs, I think some characters need some "funking up" here and there before doing the model sheets. But yeah, I think these are all pretty good... Comments welcome.


pyawakit said...

these are fantastic iza & stone!

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Iza Mommie said...

WOW....I am so proud of you guys, these look incredible and this is only the beginning.....the BEST is yet to COME!!!! God Bless you both!!! love you, mami