Friday, August 25, 2006

Boards and such

So, in the meantime, me and Stone started doing the thumbnails for storyboards. It is going really great in that respect. Now, if I can just figure out a time machine...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In the Meantime...

Another for the links section. awesome props and model designs. Sorry for the lack of art in the last few days. Me and Rob have been ultra busy tourign Disney, going to galleries, and I've been swamped with homework. But there should be stuff soon.


Something Interesting from Rob Renzetti's blog. A model sheet of various teens.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Kustom Grrrl's

Girls, girls, girls! Finding reference is harder than I thought, all the teeny magazines have headshots of celebrities and no actual photos of their audience. strange.
The Press Start crew funked up. Rob's kinda "eh" on this take. We'll get it right sooner or later.

Freaks and Geeks

More designs, we started out trying to flesh out the members of "Game Over," Vlad's troop of geek gaming snobs. They're all about death, destruction, first person shooters and overclocking the video cards on their latest monster rigs. Basically, the assholes of gaming culture. Not that there's anything wrong with FPS's, MMORPG's, strat games and computer gaming in general... it's just that in my experience, a lot of these dudes need to get laid and end up venting their frustrations in very negative ways when it comes to videogames.
Vlad and possible main antagonists that make up "Game Over."

Height comparison, needs work... blah.

The "Cowboy." There's always one at any LAN party.Line ups of random geeky guys. All of these designs are based off of people I knew or seen somewhere in life. I travel in extremely glamorous circles...

Today we'll be working on girls and other Cliques. "Cool Kids" n such.

Learn from the Masters.

BLOGregard Q. Kazoo

Foster's Official Blog. We need to add this to the links section. I need MOD powers Robert!!! MORE POWER!

Anyway, there's tons of great stuff on their blog. Honestly, I believe Foster's is the best thing on TV right now in terms of kids entertainment. The designs, story, production values... this is stuff I wanna strive to achieve and maybe even surpass one day! It's also good that Craig is posting step-by-step entries on how an episode comes together. Handy stuff.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Character Development

Allright, we jammed at the cafe and busted out some "rough" final versions of pretty much all characters for the short, even some that aren't gonna be in it but are meant to be regulars in the actual series pitch... Our idea for the show has already been floating around for over a year and there were quite a few designs create before these. Maybe later we'll post the old designs... maybe.Ah, Zoey. Alex's hopelessly unatainable crush. This cute asian hipster is the main distraction for Alex and the main source of irritation for Becky.
Yasuhiro, a wealth of knowledge when it comes to import games and all the latest news in gaming technology. Can be arrogant at times, but never let's his friends down.
Walter, Leader of the group, "Press Start." Considered one of the best gamers in town. I think his family's from South America, Maybe Panama or something.
Vlad, (Real name Sasha). The 2 foot tall dictator of "Press Start's" rival group, "Game Over." Another one of the better gamers in town, however he's feeling the pressure now that Alex is in town. He obsesses over being the 'king of the arcade.'

Rough sketches for developing Vlad. Some of these will be used as miscellaneous "Game Over" members. They're basically a black t-shirt wearing group of angry nerds. yum...
Haha, I love this kid. He tells the "Legends" of gamer lore. "Through the patheges of thime!"

Highscore. Secret Character. Don't wanna say too much about him yet.
Craig, based off of various people in Robert's life, but mostly based off our mutual hero, Craig McKracken.
Becky. Tom Boy, gamer girl, secretly wishes Alex didn't spend so much time obsessing over Zoey and would spend more time playing "Super Smash Bros." with her...
WEEE! Another fav of ours, Board Game Kid. This kid loves games WAY too much. what a douchebag. I love this guy.

More Board Game Kid development sketches.
And here's Alex in his current state. We ditched the dog collar. I liked it but I guess Rob wasn't feeling it. Oh Well...

We'll all of these are pretty close to final designs, I think some characters need some "funking up" here and there before doing the model sheets. But yeah, I think these are all pretty good... Comments welcome.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Just noting...

So, me and Stone were working in a cafe near his house. We set out to do mostly all the Main characters in the story. Only thing was, we didn't thik we'd finish so quickly. We ended up not really knowing what to do with ourselves. So basically, I made this post. More art soon.
Alex, the main character. He's a little hyper in this pose. More later...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Let's Play!

So this is my first post on the blog for My and Daniels' cartoon that we are working on. I have recently finished the script for the first full short we are going to do, and are beginning to work on the storyboards. Soon, I will upload pictures of where I started with the idea, and record our progress as we go along. So come, enjoy, and watch as you see our process, and perhaps one day, achieve sucess in creating some Animated Cartoons!