Saturday, November 10, 2007

Workin Hard

So me and Daniel have been working hard on board sequences, the story structure for the short, character designs, and even some color concept stuff!

So check out some of the fruits of our labors!


Mike Nassar said...

hahahaa. sweet concepts.

Meli said...

i hate to sound like a broken record here but wow. this is awesome.

i tried coming up with my own animated series a while back. i even had an animator who was interested in working with me but it was too hard for me to flesh it out on my own. its definitely better to work with a team. i didn't have that luxury. ideas are easy. but man, writing is hard. maybe it just doesn't come easily to me. its hard when your passion exceeds your talent. lol.

but what you're doing here looks so cool. how exciting! looking forward to seeing more. :)